Getting Started on Your Chiropractic Profession: Articles

Resources for beginning your chiropractic career upon graduation.


Articles of Interest

This list contains a few highlighted articles of interest.  To find more, see the box to the left on searching in Index to Chiropractic Literature.

Index to Chiropractic Literature

Index to Chiropractic Literature (ICL) is a database containing chiropractic specific abstracts and citations.  Search this freely available database at Below are a few links to subject heading searches you may use to get started, or explore ICL with your own keyword search. See the box on the bottom of this page for instructions on accessing full text.

Journal Holdings List

Accessing Full Text

Citations included in Index to Chiropractic Literature may contain a link to full text.  Find this in the field marked URL. 

If a link is not listed in the URL field, or the link does not allow you to access full text, you may still be able to obtain the article.

Use Logan's Journal Holdings List and look up the name of the journal.  You may truncate words with *.

For example, if you want to find Journal of Chiropractic Education, you may enter as:

journal of chiropractic education


j* chiro* educ*

After you locate the journal, you may have Paper Collection at Logan, and/or links to other sites. 

Paper Collection at Logan indicates the dates that journal is available for checkout or to copy in the library. 

Links indicate dates that the journal is accessible online.  Follow the links to find the proper issue, volume, and page numbers that lead to full text.