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Featured Items

Rapid Review Pathology

Diagnostic testing -- Cell injury -- Inflammation and repair -- Immunopathology -- Water, electrolyte, acide, base and hemodynamic disorders -- Genetic and developmental disorders -- Environmental pathology -- Nutritional disorders -- Neoplasia -- Vascular disorders -- Heart disorders -- Red blood cell disorders -- White blood cell disorders -- Lymphoid tissue disorders -- Hemostasis disorders -- Immunohematology disorders -- Upper and lower respiratory disorders -- Gastrointestinal disorders -- Hepatobiliary and pancreatic disorders -- Kidney disorders -- Ureter, lower urinary tract and male reproductive disorders -- Female reproductive disorders and breast disorders -- Endocrine disorders -- Musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders -- Skin disorders -- Nervous system and special sensory disorders.

A Cure Within

Cancer. There are few words in the English language having such a visceral, personal impact. Cancer patient. Cancer survivor. Pretty much anyone over the age of 30 knows one. A family member. A friend. Someone lost too soon. Someone forever changed. But we don't really like to talk about it, because there's really not much we can do. We fight cancer, sure, but we rarely win. Defeating cancer is one of medical science's greatest challenges. So when a novel approach to treatment seems promising, there is an intense interest in its progress and those who are making it. This book is about both - the progress and the pioneers - and its focus is the revolutionary science of something called cancer immunotherapy. This medical marvel, cancer immunotherapy - also called immuno-oncology - is still in its infancy. Yet, mobilizing the immune system to recognize and attack cancer has long been imagined, and occasionally attempted, for more than 100 years: It is only just recently that significant - in fact, unprecedented - progress has been made. With the use of newly approved immunotherapy treatments, there are now reports of hundreds, if not thousands of cancer patients with advanced disease living years beyond all prior expectation. Some of these once-terminally ill patients are now called "cured." This has never happened before. As Dr. Jill O'Donnell-Tormey comments in the Foreword, "It has taken decades of basic research and billions of dollars of investment to build the foundation upon which today's lifesaving treatments are based. This book offers a uniquely entertaining yet inspiring glimpse into the lives and minds of the academic and industry pioneers who forged this new field. It is a story of how an obscure and oft-derided field of cancer research - and the tenacious few scientists who refused to abandon it - came from behind to become the new 'darling of oncology.'" The book's author, Neil Canavan, is an experienced commentator on new developments in medical science. His portraits of 25 of the pioneers in immunotherapy are the culmination of two years of travel to laboratories, offices, and conferences around the world and countless hours of conversation with individuals immersed in a vitally important, promising assault on a dread disease that kills more than eight million people each year worldwide. -- from dust jacket.

Low Back Pain

"This text is prepared for the practicing chiropractic physician. To bring him or her to the maximum literature research in the world of spinal chiropractic adjusting, to diagnose spinal manipulation conditions, to diagnose pathologies causing spine pain that require other care, and to encompass flexion distraction decompression manipulative care for those with spine pain. This text is written to make the chiropractor the best nonsurgical spine doctor available. All profits from this text are donated to chiropractic research of flexion distraction adjusting. The seventh edition of this textbook is built upon the peer-reviewed literature and research studies in the diagnosis and treatment of low back and radicular pain, focusing on the nonsurgical chiropractic adjusting methods. The last edition was published in 1999, and this text is the last 11 years of updated material on the subject of low back pain. What are the principle advances in this subject in this time period? We have seen the progressive acceleration in surgical care with the artificial disc replacements; drastic increases with bolt, plate, and screw fixation, cage fusion; and anterior and posterior interbody fusion. The outcomes of these procedures are not outstanding with debate over their use. At the same time, there is an attempt to decrease invasive spine surgery via arthroscopy, intradiscal electrothermal coagulation, anti-inflammatory intradiscal injections, stem cell regeneration, percutaneous discectomy, rhizotomy, and steroid injections. All of these surgical interventions have demonstrated, as shown in this textbook, to have limitations on positive outcomes while encouraging nonsurgical forms of care to prevent, delay, or replace surgical care"--Provided by publisher.

Ortho Notes

"Put the information you need in class, clinical, and practice at your fingertips with this handy, easy-to-use guide. Each joint tab includes the most effective special tests (rated by sensitivity and specificity), medical screening, imaging, mechanism of injury, ROM, strength and functional deficits"--Publisher's description.

Gut Microbiota

Gut Microbiota: Interactive Effects on Nutrition and Health provides a detailed account of gut microbiota research, an exploration of how diet influences gut microbiota and the implications of gut microbiota for health. The book provides a summary of how diet interacts with the gut microbiome and presents practical applications focused on food, supplements and safety. This book provides scientists and clinicians who have an interest in the microbiome with an understanding of the future potential--and limitations--of this tool, as they strive to make use of evidence-based diet information for the maintenance of good health.