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Current Diagnosis and Treatment Obstetrics and Gynecology

Section I. Reproduction basics -- Section II. Normal obstetrics -- Section III. Pregnancy at risk -- Section IV. Surgical & medical complications of pregnancy -- Section V. General gynecology -- Section VI. Gynecologic oncology -- Section VII. Reproductive endocrinology & infertility -- Section VIII. Psychological & social Issues.
Anatomy of the female reproductive system / Carter M. Owen, Ryan J. Heitmann -- Embryology of the urogenital system & congenital anomalies of the genital tract / Catherine M. DeUgarte -- Genetic disorders & sex chromosome abnormalities / Somjate Manipalviratn [and four others] -- Physiology of reproduction in women / Connie Alford, Sahadat K. Nurudeen -- The breast / Amer Karam -- Normal pregnancy and prenatal care / Helene B. Bernstein -- Normal & abnormal labor & delivery / Terri-Ann Bennett, Christine Proudfit, Ashley S. Roman -- Maternal physiology during pregnancy & fetal & early neonatal physiology / Amy A. Flick, Daniel A. Kahn -- Normal newborn assessment & care / Elisabeth L. Raab, Lisa K. Kelly -- The normal puerperium / Caroline Pessel, Ming C. Tsai -- Imaging in obstetrics / Simi Gupta, Ashley S. Roman -- Assessment of at-risk pregnancy / Shobha H. Mehta, Robert J. Sokol -- Early pregnancy risks / Ann-Marie Surette, Samantha M. Dunham -- Late pregnancy complications / Ashley S. Roman -- Congenital fetal infections / Unzila Nayeri, Stephen F. Thung -- Disproportionate fetal growth / Jeannine Rahimian -- Multiple gestation / Margaret Dziadosz, Ashley S. Roman -- Third-trimester vaginal bleeding / Sarah A. Wagner -- Malpresentation & cord prolapse / Karen Kish -- Operative delivery / Marc H. Incerpi -- Postpartum hemorrhage & the abnormal puerperium / Sarah B.H. Poggi -- Neonatal resuscitation / Elisabeth L. Raab, Lisa K. Kelly -- Critical care obstetrics / Nathan S. Fox, Johanna Weiss, Ramada S. Smith.
Obstetric analgesia & anesthesia / John S. McDonald, Biing-Jaw Chen, Wing-Fai Kwan -- Surgical disorders in pregnancy / Ella Speichinger, Christine H. Holschneider -- Hypertension in pregnancy / Jonathan Y. Rosner, Shilpi S. Mehta-Lee -- Cardiac disorders in pregnancy / Jennifer Duffy, Afshan B. Hameed -- Pulmonary disorders in pregnancy / Martin N. Montoro -- Renal & urinary tract disorders in pregnancy / Nathan S. Fox, Andrei Rebarber -- Gastrointestinal disorders in pregnancy / Chad K. Klauser, Daniel H. Saltzman -- Dermatologic disorders in pregnancy / Abigail Ford Winkel -- Diabetes mellitus & pregnancy / Aisling Murphy, Carla Janzen -- Thyroid & other endocrine disorders during pregnancy / Cynthia Gyamfi Bannerman -- Nervous system & autoimmune disorders in pregnancy / Laura Kalayjian, T. Murphy Goodwin, Richard H. Lee -- Hematologic disorders in pregnancy / Christina Arnett, Jeffrey S. Greenspoon, Ashley S. Roman -- Gynecologic history, examination, & diagnostic procedures / Charles Kawada, Drorith Hochner-Celnikier -- Imaging in gynecology / Meghan C. Ozcan, Alan H. DeCherney, Micah J. Hill -- Pediatric & adolescent gynecology / Dvora Bauman -- Complications of menstruation & abnormal uterine bleeding / Asher Shushan -- Benign disorders of the vulva & vagina / Jacob Bornstein -- Benign disorders of the uterine cervix / Chetna Arora, Izabella Khachikyan, Pamela Stratton -- Benign disorders of the uterine corpus / Michael P. Dougherty, Alan H. DeCherney -- Benign disorders of the ovaries & oviducts / Ofer Lavie -- Urinary incontinence & pelvic floor disorders / Christopher M. Tarnay and [and three others] -- Sexually transmitted diseases & pelvic infections / Grace E. Whiteley -- Antimicrobial chemotherapy / Shmuel Benenson.
Perioperative, intraoperative, & postoperative complications in gynecologic surgery / Cecilia K. Wieslander, Kyle Bukowski -- Therapeutic gynecologic procedures / Cecilia K. Wieslander, Tracy N. Hadnott, Kyle Bukowski -- Premalignant & malignant disorders of the vulva & vagina / Amer Karam -- Premalignant & malignant disorders of the uterine cervix / Lisa M. Garcia, Christine H. Holschneider -- Premalignant & malignant disorders of the uterine corpus / Mana Baskovic, Oliver Dorigo -- Premalignant & malignant disorders of the ovaries & oviducts / Thalia R. Segal, Baruch S. Abittan -- Gestational trophoblastic diseases / Paola Aghajanian, B.J. Rimel -- Radiation and chemotherapy for gynecologic cancers / Wafic M. ElMasri, Oliver Dorigo -- Infertility / Cheryl Yondorf [and three others] -- Amenorrhea / Alex Simon, Wendy Y. Chang, Alan H. DeCherney -- Hirsutism / Matan Elami-Suzin, Ariel Revel -- Endometriosis / Assaf Ben-Meir, Susan Sarajari -- Assisted reproductive technologies: in vitro fertilization & related techniques / Konstantinos G. Michalakis, Alan H. DeCherney, Alan S. Penzias -- Contraception & family planning / Ronald T. Burkman, Amnon Brzezinski -- Menopause & postmenopause / Lauren W. Sundheimer, Lauren Nathan -- Domestic violence & sexual assault / Michael C. Lu [and three others].

Making Diagnosis Orthopaedic Guide

"This book covers key areas of orthopedic surgery having multiple anatomic sections like: the knee, hip, elbow, hand and wrist, foot and ankle, the pediatric patient, and the spine. Each section is subdivided into specific pathologic conditions eg, the knee section is divided into the major pathologies: the anterior cruciate ligament injuries, posterior cruciate ligament injuries, posterolateral corner injuries, medial-sided injuries, meniscal injuries, patellar instability and osteochondral injuries. As one dissects the anatomy of each topic in a bullet-formatted presentation the classic history, appropriate physical examination tests and pertinent imaging studies are presented, along with evaluation flowcharts, appropriate images (physical examination, radiographic, MRI, CT, and intraoperative findings). For those less familiar with musculoskeletal medicine, we have included algorithms, key references and original videos in each chapter to help the clinician focus on the appropriate areas. Finally, we have outlined what imaging should be obtained, how and when to order it, and how to interpret the results. Our goal was to create a stand-alone reference for all providers from the beginning medical student, technician, physician assistant, or resident to the most senior orthopedic surgeon who may need a quick refresher on the particulars of an examination that he does not routinely perform. We hope that it will be used to solve arguments in clinic and conference regarding the exact maneuvers involved for a particular examination and most importantly, we hope it improves the care that we offer our patients, leading to their correct diagnoses and, ultimately, their best treatment and outcome"--Provided by publisher.


Especially written by senior students or junior doctors - those who understand what is essential for exam success - each 'Crash Course' book provides candidates with information which has been thoroughly checked and quality assured by expert faculty advisers. Each chapter guides you succinctly through the full range of curriculum topics, integrating clinical considerations with the relevant basic science and avoiding unnecessary or confusing detail.

Differential Diagnosis and Treatment in Primary Care

"Advance your differential diagnostic skills! For more than three decades, Differential Diagnosis and Treatment in Primary Care has helped primary care practitioners to systematically approach the differential diagnosis of the symptoms and signs they see in practice. Organized into categories such as pain, mass, bloody discharge, non-bloody discharge, functional changes, and abnormal laboratory results, this bestselling clinical reference helps you apply your basic science knowledge to consider all the possible causes of each symptom, and then take the appropriate steps to determine which one is most likely. Apply the latest knowledge due to comprehensive updates throughout the text, including new signs and symptoms, new and expanded case histories, updated diagnostic tests, and more. Interact with patients more effectively with a new section on bedside manner, and get therapeutic guidance from a new section on the treatment of common diseases. Know what to look for thanks to abundant anatomical drawings that highlight relevant features in each body area. Develop your diagnostic skills with cases and clinical questions for each sign or symptom, as well as the framework for thinking through those questions to arrive at the appropriate diagnosis. Select the appropriate diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests to include in the workup. Recognize when to refer a patient to a specialist with a special section on this topic. Your book purchase includes a complimentary download of the enhanced eBook for iOS, Android, PC & Mac. Take advantage of these practical features that will improve your eBook experience: The ability to download the eBook on multiple devices at one time -- providing a seamless reading experience online or offline. Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that allow you to search within this book, or across your entire library of VitalSource eBooks Multiple viewing options that enable you to scale images and text to any size without losing page clarity as well as responsive design The ability to highlight text and add notes with one click. See the inside front cover to find out how to access your eBook"--Provided by publisher.