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Physical Training Strategies: Preparing for a Purpose


This program gives instruction on choosing and using the right training strategies to ensure maximum performance during physical activity. Topics for discussion include: the three energy systems in the body and each one’s involvement in athletic exertion; types of continuous, interval, and resistance training methods and each one’s effect on the energy systems; and the specificity, duration, frequency, intensity, and diminishing return principles of training. Footage of many sports and events illustrates the topics, providing practice to the theory. (26 minutes)

Evaluating a Training Program


Athletes of all levels require training programs that take into account the specific needs of their sport as well as their own individual strengths and weaknesses. What makes a successful athletics training program? This video identifies the key components and investigates the methods used to evaluate, modify, and improve training programs. From the goal-setting and motivation required for success to the analysis of fitness components and the application of training methods and principles, this program provides a framework for both the planning and evaluation of effective training programs. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (31 minutes)

Improving Performance: Elite Athlete Case Studies


With advances in technology and medicine have come specific strategies for boosting sports performance—and no one is more qualified to explain those methods than professional athletes and their coaches. This program visits the training facilities of eight sports figures from around the world to highlight their expertise and personal experiences in improving performance. Viewers learn about planning an effective training schedule, the importance of psychological preparation, the risks involved with taking performance-enhancing drugs, and the benefits of high-tech measurement in cultivating athletic ability. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (20 minutes)

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