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New Materials: May 2021

A monthly guide to new materials in the LRC.

May 2021

Featured Items

Immunity [electronic resource] : The science of staying well--the definitive guide to caring for your immune system

The immune system is our first line of defense against the hordes of microbes that threaten us constantly. Just like our heart and our lungs, it works around the clock to keep us alive-and with the advent of coronavirus, no one can take it for granted. Immunity answers the question everyone is asking now: What can I do to strengthen my immune system? Dr. Jenna Macciochi has studied the interplay of immunity, lifestyle, and health for over twenty years, and her book is filled with authoritative guidance on: - the best foods to eat to boost your immune system - the importance of movement, and how often to exercise - the essential link between immunity and sleep - its surprising connection to your mental health. Dr. Macciochi also debunks common myths, explores why some people never get ill, and explains how germs-those pesky invaders-can actually be good for us. The immune system is the foundation of your health . . . and Immunity is your essential handbook to staying well in the modern world.

Foundations of Kinesiology

"Foundations of Kinesiology provides a guided introduction to the discipline and professions of kinesiology using a holistic, learner-centered, and skill-based approach. The text explores the core subdisciplines of kinesiology and allows students to explore the research and physical activity contributions that each has to offer. The text also considers how the discipline is crucial in enabling healthy lives by illustrating real-life scenarios across several chapters"-- Provided by publisher.

Gut feelings [electronic resource] : The microbiome and our health

Why the microbiome—our rich inner ecosystem of microorganisms—may hold the keys to human health. We are at the dawn of new scientific revolution. Our understanding of how to treat and prevent diseases has been transformed by knowledge of the microbiome—the rich ecosystem of microorganisms that is in and on every human. These microbial hitchhikers may hold the keys to human health. In Gut Feelings , Alessio Fasano and Susie Flaherty show why we must go beyond the older, myopic view of microorganisms as our enemies to a broader understanding of the microbiome as a parallel civilization that we need to understand, respect, and engage with for the benefit of our own health.