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New Materials: August 2022

A monthly guide to new materials in the LRC.

August 2022

Featured Items

CBD : what does the science say?

"A complete, scientifically accurate guide to CBD (cannabidiol), a nonpsychoactive component of cannabis that is widely touted, with little supporting science, as a miracle cure"-- Provided by publisher.

Community and Public Health Nutrition

Cover -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Brief Contents -- Contents -- Preface -- Features of This Text -- Acknowledgments -- Contributors -- Reviewers -- CHAPTER 1 Applying Nutrition Science to the Community and Public's Health -- List of Abbreviations -- Introduction -- Community and Public Health Nutrition and Public Health Dietitians/Nutritionists -- Peer-Reviewed Literature and Evidence-Based Practice -- Finding Peer-Reviewed Literature -- Assessing Article Quality -- Nutrition Monitoring -- Nutrition Screening and Assessment -- Population Surveillance
Study Designs and Uses -- Epidemiologic Studies -- Metabolic Diet Studies -- Clinical Trials -- Animal Studies -- Community and Public Health Services -- Healthy People 2030 -- Nutrient Requirements -- The Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion -- Summary -- Learning Portfolio -- Key Terms -- Issues for Discussion -- References -- CHAPTER 2 Nutritional Epidemiology: An Introduction -- Introduction -- Overview of Epidemiology -- Overview of Nutritional Epidemiology -- Types of Study Designs Used in Nutritional Epidemiology -- Guidelines for Causality -- Incidence and Prevalence
Measuring Dietary Exposure: Dietary Assessment Methods -- Validity of Dietary Data -- General Considerations in Nutritional Epidemiologic Studies -- The Role of Nutritional Epidemiology in Public Health -- Summary -- Learning Portfolio -- Key Terms -- Issues for Discussion -- Practical Activities -- Resources -- References -- CHAPTER 3 Creating and Influencing Public and Nutrition Policy -- Introduction -- Characteristics of Public Policy -- U.S. Public Health Policy -- Nutrition Policy: A Brief History -- Nutrition Policy: Goals and Methods -- Policy Formulation -- Agenda Setting
Policy Formulation -- Policy Implementation -- Policy Evaluation -- Policy Creation at the Federal Level -- Policy Development at All Levels of Government: Federal, State, and Local -- The Role of the Federal Government in Policy Development -- The Role of Public Agencies in Policy Development -- The Role of State Government in Policy Development -- The Role of Local Government in Policy Development -- Leadership Roles for Nutritionists -- Advocating and Influencing Health and Nutrition Policies -- Influencing Legislation -- Importance of Building an Infrastructure of Support
Advocacy Activities and Skills for Individuals -- The Future of Public Health -- Summary -- Learning Portfolio -- Key Terms -- Issues for Discussion -- Resources -- References -- CHAPTER 4 The Role of the Federal Agencies in Community and Public Health Nutrition -- Introduction -- Overview of Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services -- Food and Nutrition Service -- Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion -- Overview of the Food Safety and Inspection Service -- Overview of Research, Education, and Economics -- Agricultural Research Service -- National Agricultural Library

Essentials of health, culture, and diversity : understanding people, reducing disparities

"This book will examine what is meant by culture, the ways in which culture intersects with health issues, how public health efforts can benefit by understanding and working with cultural processes, and a brief selection of conceptual tools and research methods that are useful in identifying relationships between culture and health. The book will also include practical guidelines for incorporating cultural understanding in public health settings, and examples of programs where that has occurred"-- Provided by publisher.