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New Materials: March 2023

A monthly guide to new materials in the LRC.

March 2023

Featured Items

Medical Terminology Simplified

"The emphasis in this edition continues to reflect current trends and new approaches to teaching and learning medical terminology with numerous ancillaries accessible on the internet. The design and flexibility of Simplified, 7th edition, enables its use as a self-instructional book, an eBook, or as a text in traditional lecture and classroom environments. The organization and pedagogical devices are structured to help instructors teach and students learn medical terminology easily and quickly. When instructors and students utilize the available ancillary resources summarized in the preface, they will find the suggested approach of teaching and learning the language of medicine is greatly enhanced"

How the Immune System Works

The Innate Immune System -- B Cells and Antibodies -- The Magic of Antigen Presentation -- Activating T Cells -- T Cells at Work -- Secondary Lymphoid Organs and Lymphocyte Trafficking -- Restraining the Immune System -- Tolerance Induction and MHC Restriction -- Immunological Memory -- The Intestinal Immune System -- The Immune System Gone Wrong -- Immunodeficiency -- Vaccines -- Cancer and the Immune System -- Immunotherapy -- COVID-19 and the Immune System.

Examination of Orthopedic and Athletic Injuries

Examination process -- Examination and management of acute conditions -- Evidence-based practice in the diagnostic process -- Injury pathology nomenclature -- Musculoskeletal diagnostic techniques -- Assessment of posture -- Evaluation of gait -- Foot and toe pathologies -- Ankle and leg pathologies -- Knee pathologies -- Patellofemoral pathologies -- Pelvis and thigh pathologies -- Lumbosacral pathologies -- Cervical and thoracic spine and thorax pathologies -- Shoulder and upper arm pathologies -- Elbow and forearm pathologies -- Wrist, hand, and finger pathologies -- Eye pathologies -- Face and related structure pathologies -- Head and acute cervical spine pathologies.