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Logan Faculty Publications  

This guide provides relevant and current information on the publications of Logan Faculty, Administration, and Staff.
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Associate Professor

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Katharine Conable, D.C.
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Katharine Conable, DC

Katharine M. Conable, D.C. Graduated Cum Laude from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1975. She has had a chiropractic practice in St. Louis since then. In 2008 she earned a Masters in Applied Science – Musculoskeletal Management from RMIT University. She joined the faculty of Logan College of Chiropractic in 2004 and is an Associate Professor teaching Applied Kinesiology.

Learn more by visiting Dr. Conable's Faculty Page on the Logan website.

Papers / Posters / Presentations

  • Techniques of manual muscle testing.
    Presentation at the International College of Applied Kinesiology International Meeting, Bordeaux, France, Sept. 16, 2011.
  • Duration variations in applied kinesiology manual muscle testing.
    Poster presentation 2009 ACC-RAC conference, Las Vegas.
  • Pilot study on the prevalence of therapy localization to luo points, tonification points, and source points in law of the five elements acupuncture imbalances.
    Conable KM, Obersteadt, HL. 2008.
  • Analysis of peak forces in applied kinesiology manual muscle testing.
    Conable KM, et al.
    Platform presentation at ACC-RAC.
    Presented at the International College of Applied Kinesiology annual meeting 2007.
  • Applied kinesiology in chiropractic. J Chiropr Educ. 2006 Spr;20(1):112-113
    Zhang J. Conable K. Hambrick T. Poser presentation at the Association of Chiropractic Colleges' Thirteenth Annual Conference, 2006.
  • Comparison of applied kinesiology neuromuscular screening and laboratory indicators of adverse reactions to foods.
    Conable K, Zhang J, Hambrick T. 2006.
  • Investigation of EMG findins in pateint-started versus examiner-started manual muscle testing of the middle deltoid muscle.
    Conable KM, Corneal J, Hambrick T, Marquina N, Zhang J. Poster presentation at World Federation of Chiropractic 7th Biennial Congress, Orlando, FL, 2003.
  • Case presentation on treatment of drug-induced peripheral neuropathy in an AIDS patient.
    International Working Circle for Bioresonance Therapy, Fulda, Germany, 1997.
  • Applied kinesiology and the law of the five elements.
    Presented at the meeting of the U.K. Chapter of ICAK, London, England, 1995.
  • Collected papers of the members of the International College of Applied Kinesiology.
    A preliminary study: toward a general treatment for reactive muscle patterns. 1975 Nov.
    An annotated bibliography of the references about research. 1976 Jun.
    Alexander's discovery and hyoid - TMJ balance. 1977 Jun.
    Hemogloblin levels and the tensor fascia lata muscle. 1987 Jun.
    Thyroid. 1979 Jun.
    Scoliosis protocol. 1980 Jun.
    Pelvic balancing protocol. 1981 May.
    Teaching cranial adjusting. 1982 May.
    A biomechanical model of vertebral fixations. 1983 May.
    Postural cervical adjusting. 1984 Dec.
    An alternate order of muscle testing using the muscle tests of clinical kinesiology. 1985 May.
    Interexaminer agreement in applied kinesiology manual muscle testing. 1986 Win.
    Application of induced neurovascular response to filum terminale coccygeal lift. 1986 Win.
    Applied kinesiology in the treatment of motion sickness. 1991 Sum.
    Zinc taste text and A.K. oral nutrient testing. 1994 Sum.

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