Whiplash Associated Disorders: Books / eBooks

Library resources for information on whiplash injuries, including books, ebooks, media, journals, research articles, databases, and websites.

Books on Whiplash Associated Disorders


Books @ Logan Library

Logan library has books specifically devoted to whiplash.  Browse some of them on our book list on this page. 

Books - These can be checked out of the library by Logan patrons, if available. 

eBooks - Electronic books that may be viewed anywhere - on campus or off.  Click the eBooks tab to view selections. 

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Logan students, faculty, and staff may borrow books from over 60 other libraries in Missouri through the MOBIUS consortium. Books may be borrowed in person with your Logan ID, or you may request the book to be sent to Logan and when you are done, simply return it back to Logan. Books typically arrive in three business days.

Search the MOBIUS catalog, find your item, click Request, choose BRIDGES as your cluster, enter your name and campus ID (your nine digit student number followed by L), and then choose your pick up location.  You will be notified through Logan email when the book is ready for pick-up.

eBooks @ Logan Library

eBooks - Electronic books that may be viewed anywhere - on campus or off. 

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eBooks may be viewed and, depending on the license for a particular book, some may be saved, some may be printed (amount of pages allowed varies for each book).

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