Staff Resources: Interlibrary Loan

A guide to library resources relevant to Logan staff.

Interlibrary Loan

Need full text of an article?  It's simple!

First check to make sure we do no have access by looking up the journal in the Journal Holdings List.

If we do not have access, then put in an interlibrary loan request through the form below.

PubMed Article Send

Need an article full text from PubMed that Logan does not have in its collection?

Go to Send to:

  • Choose Email.
  • Send the email to
  • Put your name in the Additional Text – VERY important, otherwise we don’t know who ordered the article.
  • Another option is to email it to yourself and then forward the email to This will keep a record of it for you too, in case it gets lost from PubMed to us.


Logan students, faculty, and staff may borrow books from over 60 other libraries in Missouri through the MOBIUS consortium. Books may be borrowed in person with your Logan ID, or you may request the book to be sent to Logan and when you are done, simply return it back to Logan. Books typically arrive in three business days.

Search the MOBIUS catalog, find your item, click Request it, choose Logan University, enter your name and ID followed by institution code. You will be notified through Logan email when the book is ready for pick-up.

Interlibrary Loans for Books

Unable to locate a book in our collection?

Sometimes we can obtain the book for free through MOBIUS.  Check the MOBIUS catalog first. If you find the book, request it with your library login - please contact us if you do not know your library login, it is different than Logan email.

If the book is not available through MOBIUS, then you may request it through interlibrary loan by using the form below.