Staff Resources: Articles & Databases

A guide to library resources relevant to Logan staff.

Quick Links - Articles/Databases

Articles and databases are available for Logan faculty and staff to use. Additionally, if you need help searching for articles, reach out to us at anytime, even if it is for an outside project.  We are happy to help!

Remote Access

Remote access to library materials online will be easy!  When you attempt to access a database or an article from the library's web site, you will be prompted to log in with your Logan email and password.

It will look like this:

Having trouble with access?

If the issue is related to a specific library source, contact the library.

If you are unable to access any library sources and/or have general trouble logging into your Logan email, check the Information Systems department help page or email them at

Interlibrary Loan

Need full text of an article?  It's simple!

First check to make sure we do no have access by looking up the journal in the Journal Holdings List.

If we do not have access, then put in an interlibrary loan request through the form below.