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Flexion-Distraction (Cox) Technique

Dr. James M. Cox, the chiropractic innovator of the Cox® Technic, describes his innovation as a marriage of chiropractic principles and the basic tenets of osteopathy as set forth by Alan Stoddard, DO, in his book Osteopathic Technique.

Those who've used the technique and those who've benefited from it have another description for it: they call Cox Technic the 21st-century solution to spinal pain.

Cox Technic makes use of flexion-distraction and decompression to adjust and manipulate the spine, thus …

  • increasing intervertebral disc height, which removes tension on the anular fibers and the spinal nerve and improves circulation
  • dropping pressure within the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc
  • increasing the area of the intervertebral foramen by up to 28%
  • and essentially realigning the spine by restoring vertebral joints to their proper physiological relationships of motion
Cox Technic flexion-distraction and decompression is a well-researched, well-documented, and proven-effective technique for decompressing spinal nerves and treating low back pain. It's a gentle, non-surgical, no-force procedure that helps the spine heal properly - and keeps it as pain free as possible. 

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